salinehornet_0Last week was the final PTA meeting for the year and it was fun to wrap up the year on a happy note!  We have a new Board taking office June 1.
Our accomplishments (with your help) this year were many, including technology investments, thousands of dollars in new books from Book Fair proceeds and lots of upgrades to the overall school environment.  This is in large part thanks to the dedication of so many of you and the leadership of our outgoing PTA president Ann Friedholm, who will be transitioning her role to our new president, Jennifer Steben.  Look for a PTA blog entry (at from Jennifer soon.
Coming up this month is the last event of the year, Field Day on May 29. Come help, or just hang out!  If you would like to help out, please sign up here.. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to help out that day. Mr. Welton has lots of fun things planned so the kids should have a great time. On behalf of the PTA board, thank you to the entire Pleasant Ridge community for making this such a successful year!
Amy Telgen – PTA secretary (mom to 2nd grader, Adam)

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