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PR PTA Meeting 04.16.21 (Summary & Reports)

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PR PTA Meeting 03.10.21 (Summary & Reports)

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PR PTA Meeting 02.10.21 (Summary & Reports)

Brrrrrr, it sure is cold outside! Warm thoughts and wishes are ahead of us.

PR PTA Meeting 01.13.21 (Summary & Reports)

Happy New Year! Hoping you are staying healthy and happy. We are working hard to try and find safe ways to stay connected with each other. If you have any suggestions please email us :

01.13.21 PR PTA Agenda:

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PR PTA Meeting 09.16.20 (Summary & Reports)

Wow, what an adventure the last 6 months have been. We are all ready for something normal 😉 The last two weeks of school have been great and we appreciate all of the staff, families and children, that are part of the PR community. This community is really special!! We are all looking forward to a safe and healthy year together. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at

Are you interested in joining the PTA? Follow this link

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PR PTA Meeting 03.11.20 (Summary & Reports)

We are ready for March and nicer weather. There are lots of fun and exciting things happening before spring break. Please check your email to see how you can help assist in any of the events coming up. We look forward to seeing you there.

03.11.20 PR PTA Agenda

03.11.20 PR PTA Meeting Notes

PR PTA Meeting 02.19.20 (Summary & Reports)

February is flying by and we are all looking forward to sunshine and warm weather. We had a wonderful meeting this morning and are excited about the fun events coming up in the next month. Please visit our website! Have a wonderful rest of the month

02.19.20 PR PTA Meeting Notes

02.19.20 PR PTA Agenda

PR PTA Meeting 01.08.20 (Summary & Reports)

Happy New Year! Looking forward to a fresh new year with lots of fun and laughter.

Our January meeting went well. We are off to a good start and ready for all of the fun planned this month. Stay tuned on our social media accounts and consider volunteering to help make our children’s PR experience the best one it can be.

01.08.20 PR PTA Agenda

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Committee Reports:

PR PTA Treasurer Report 01.08.20

PR PTA Communications Report 01.08.20

PR PTA Meeting 12.11.19 (Summary & Reports)

December already, what?!!! Here is to a smooth rest of the school year and a joyous holiday.

12.11.19 PR PTA Agenda

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Committee Reports:

PR PTA Communications Report 12.11.19

PR PTA Meeting 11.13.19 (Summary & Reports)

Happy November! Wow, snow already! We hope everyone had a restful snow day and is ready for the rest of the 2019 year. Some exciting news. We have raised around $20,000 already this year. A big thanks for supporting our amazing school. Upcoming fundraising events are PR Eats out at Mancinos and California Pizza Kitchen. Join us on Wednesday December 11th for our PTA meeting! Any questions, feel free to email us at Stay updated at PRPTA.ORG

11.13.19 PR PTA Agenda

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Committee Reports:

PR PTA Communications Report 11.13.19

PR PTA Enrichment Report 11.13.19

PR PTA Treasurer Report 11.13.19

PR PTA Meeting 10.09.19 (Summary & Reports)

Feels like fall! We had a wonderful October meeting today. There are some great events coming up. If you are able to help volunteer, please email Amy Good at

PR PTA Meeting Minutes 10.09.19

10.09.19 PR PTA Agenda

Committee Reports:

PR PTA Communications Report 10.09.19

PR PTA Volunteers Report 10.09.19

PR PTA Enrichment Report 10.09.19

PR PTA Meeting 09.11.19 (Summary & Reports)

We had a great time this morning with our very first PTA meeting of the school year. We had an awesome turn out and a very productive meeting. We have kicked off our Fall Fundraiser with the Fun Run, which will be on Friday September 20th! Be on the look out for an email to see how you can help!! We look forward to seeing all of you.

PR PTA Meeting Minutes 09.11.19

09.11.19 PR PTA Agenda

PR PTA Notes 09.04.19

Happy 2nd week of school! We are all so excited to start the school year and fill it with lots of learning and laughter. Join us next week for our first PTA meeting of the year. Meeting starts at 9:00 am. See you then and enjoy the cooler weather 😉

PR PTA Notes 07.10.19 (Summary & Reports)

Summer Fun! Getting ready for our school year!

PR PTA Meeting Notes 07.10.19

PR PTA Meeting 05.09.19 (Summary & Reports)

Wow! Our May PTA meeting already? Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday May 9th at 9:00 am in the conference room. See you all there!

PR PTA Meeting 04.11.19 (Summary & Reports)

We had a wonderful April meeting discussing many important events coming up. Staff Appreciation week is May 6th. Please review the sign up genius to see how you can help and show our staff how important they are to all of us!

We will be having a blood drive on May 14th. Please consider donating and saving a life!

The classrooms will start to look a little different come June, with the new flexible seating arrangements for our children. The teachers were able to pick out new furniture that will work best for our children to learn in the classroom environment. The kids will be so excited when they return in the fall.

Nominations for the 2019/2020 PTA Board will happen next PTA meeting on Thursday May 9th.

With the feedback from our parent survey, Mr. Campbell and the Pleasant Ridge Staff have developed our updated Pleasant Ridge Mission Statement.

Our Pleasant Ridge Community mission is to educate by creating a safe, nurturing environment for students to grow academically and socially. We develop invested and engaged lifelong learners, leading to well-rounded, responsible citizens. 

Thank you to everyone that was involved!




PR PTA Meeting Minutes 04.11.19

PR PTA Meeting 03.20.19 (Summary & Reports)

We had a great meeting. There are some exciting events coming up, so please review the calendar. If you are interested in helping out please contact us at Looking forward to a restful spring break and finishing off the year with a lots of energy and love!

Happy first day of Spring! We are all wishing it felt more like it. Looking forward to our afternoon PTA meeting today!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 03.20.19



PR PTA Meeting Minutes

PR PTA Meeting 02.14.19 (Summary & Reports)

Our February meeting was successful. We are looking forward to our upcoming enrichment and fundraising events! We extended a thank you to all of our bus drivers at PR. They go above and beyond to keep our children safe and we wanted to thank them! It is that time of year when we are looking for nominations for our PTA! If you or someone you know would be interested, please email us at

We are all excited that school is back in session after our numerous snow/ice days. Winter seems to be dragging on but we are looking forward to spring!! Please join us tomorrow at 9:00 am for our February PTA meeting. Requirements are a smile and coffee 😉

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 02.14.19



PR PTA Meeting Minutes 02.14.19


PR PTA Meeting 1-10-19 (Summary & Reports)

Our January PTA meeting this morning was very successful. We did a recap of our fall and winter events and are excited for the new year. There will be a fresh look to the ends of the hallway to allow for an additional space for our children to learn and grow within the school. Science Night/Fair is approaching and we would love to see your family there! A frequent discussion we had is our need for volunteers. Please reach out if you are interested in volunteering to help support OUR children and the wonderful staff at PR. We are all in this together. If you have any questions please email us at

Happy New Year to all of you! We hope that everyone is well rested and ready for a brand new season to help support our teachers and staff in growing our children. We are looking forward to making the rest of the year full of fun and learning.

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 01.10.19


Minutes : PR PTA MEETING MINUTES 01.10.19


PR PTA Meeting 11.8.2018 (Summary & Reports)

Our November PTA meeting went very well this morning and we are looking forward to our events this month. A recap from our last meeting puts an end to our fall fundraiser, which brought in close to $18,000. WAY TO GO PR!!! What amazing efforts made by teachers, staff, students and of course our parents. Math curriculum night was a success and the children enjoyed celebrating the Day of the Dead during our unique event, Fiesta Para Los Muertos. Can we talk about pancakes?!! You can tell our PR community sure loves pancakes by the great turnout we had on Monday evening.

We have some exciting things coming to our hallways at PR. New learning areas and flexible seating to create endless possibilities for our children. We are looking forward to our upcoming events in the month of November. Monday November 12th, we will celebrate our Veterans and we are all so excited for the return of the book fair near the end of the month. Be on the look out to donate a delicious dish for our amazing and hardworking staff during conferences. Don’t forget to purchase tickets to the neat event Duel in the D, flyers coming home soon. Thank you to all who make PR such a safe & enjoyable place for our children! Concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at our November PR PTA Meeting @ 9:00 AM!!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 11.08.18


Minutes: PR PTA Meeting Minutes 11.08.18


PR PTA Meeting 10.11.2018 (Summary & Reports)

Our October PTA meeting was very productive, discussing our fall fundraiser and upcoming events. Reading curriculum night was a blast and Mr. Musson is diving into some really special things to make our school stand out from the rest. Stay tuned! There are some very exciting events coming up and we couldn’t do this without our parent volunteers. Please consider volunteering your time to help make these events for our children amazing. Thank you to everyone involved so far. Our Fun Run is this week, get your kids EXCITED about movement and supporting their school through this fundraising opportunity. All funds go directly to our children and teachers everyday. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the PTA, please feel free to reach out. Happy Halloween!!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 10.11.18


Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 10.11.18

PR PTA Meeting 09.13.2018 (Summary & Reports)

WOW! The school year is off to a great start. The kids (and teachers) are figuring out their routines and making new friends. Events are beginning here at Pleasant Ridge, from our first PR Eats Out to our Reading Curriculum Night. Join us in being apart of such a wonderful school/community our children are lucky enough to belong to. The Fall Fundraiser is in full effect. We are all looking forward to fun-filled October month! Join us for our second PTA meeting on Thursday October 11th @ 9 AM. See you then!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 9.13.18

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 9.13.18

Approved Budget : 2018-2019 Approved PR PTA Budget

2017 – 18

PR PTA Meeting 5.10.2018 (Summary & Reports)

What a MAY we are having already!  Thank you to everyone who has made and is making Teacher Appreciation Week so amazing, it really is a huge testament to what #PRPRIDE is all about!  The Parent Night Out was also a HUGE success, fundraising efforts have paid off and our kids are reaping the benefits of your donations, both TIME AND MONEY donations:)  The 2018/2019 Board has been UNANIMOUSLY voted on as well, and we are in GREAT hands!!  So as everyone navigates their emails and kids folders to keep track of Field Day, field trips, picnics, GOTR, Pizza Kits, BOGO Book Fair, Camp PR, Book Swap, AND what’s going on in your life outside of school haha, just know that ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK IS PAYING OFF!! Next meeting is closed to officers on June 14 at 9:00 am, but if anyone needs anything please feel free to always email

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 5.10.2018

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 5.10.2018

PR PTA Meeting 4.12.2018 (Summary & Reports)

WOW what a great meeting today!  Our Spring Auction is revving up with some amazing items and the Parents Night Out still has lanes available so grab your 10 bests and RSVP for the 28th before they fill up.  We also have a super clever Farmers Market themed Staff Appreciation Week May 7-11th; Chrissy Myers is really outdoing herself as the Chairperson for this, so lets make sure to sign up for any needs that come across our emails in the next couple of weeks so we can say “THANK YOU STAFF FOR HELPING OUR KIDS GROW AND BLOOM”.

Board Nominations for next year were also presented today, thank you to those who are on the slate for the 2018/2019 school year.  If we could have all PTA members please come to the MAY 10th PTA meeting at 9:00 am so you can vote on your board!  See everyone soon, here’s to an AWESOME SPRING full of PR PRIDE!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 4.12.2018

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 4.12.2018

PR PTA Meeting 3.8.2018 (Summary & Reports)

Great meeting today everyone!  Book Fair is underway, and we are so excited that the Spring Dance is TOMORROW 5:30-7:30!  Hope you all are enjoying the March is Reading Month activities in the classrooms and take some time to check out the Hallway display, there are some busy parents illustrating how much reading is actually happening, WOW what an awesome idea and sight!

Conferences are coming up and there are still ways to help with either setup, food, cleanup, etc. so please don’t be shy, check out the most recent sign up genius in Mr. Musson’s weekly email to see where you can jump in!

Next meeting is April 12th at 9am and we will be going over Nominations for next year’s PTA Board…if you want to help raise and spend $20,000 for our kids, then the Board needs you!  More communication to come, BUT if you have questions or comments please email and the Nomination Committee will be in touch!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 3.8.2018

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 3.8.2018

PR PTA Meeting 2.8.2018 (Summary & Reports)

February and March events are upon us!  This month we have Art Night on the 22nd, so if you or anyone you know is interested in displaying please reach out!  March is READING MONTH, so fun, includes Book Fair, Spring Dance, Reading Festival, and much more!  Thanks for taking the time to check out the website for updates, and hope to see everyone next month at our March 8th meeting, 9:00 am.

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 2.8.18

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 2.8.18

PR PTA Meeting 1.11.2018 (Summary & Reports)

Welcome back from break everyone!  We had a very informative 1st meeting of 2018 with Girls on the Run updates, Important Event Date updates, Makerspace and Science Fair updates, AND Spring activities like a school dance with concessions and the April Auction!  Next meeting is February 8th, hope to see you there!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 1.11.18

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 1.11.18

PR PTA Meeting 11.9.2017 (Summary & Reports)

Thank you to everyone who came out for the monthly PTA meeting today.  We had some good discussion about previous events, including the Pancake Supper which was a HUGE turnout!  Looking forward to wrapping up Yankee Candle orders and revving up for BOOK FAIR, CONFERENCES and WISH WALLS!!  Hope everyone is checking out the Meeting Minutes and please don’t hesitate to ask questions or get involved in whatever way you can:)

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 11.9.17

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 11.9.17

PR PTA Meeting 10.12.2017 (Summary & Reports)

Thank you to the members that came out this morning for our 2nd PTA meeting of the year!  We went over a ton of information, including how successful reading night, special persons/grandparents day and pr on the hill were!  The support and engagement from the families made these events great for the kids!  We are also in the last few days of our fall fundraiser so if you haven’t donated or registered your kiddo for the fun run on the 19th yet, we only have until Monday to do so.  The meeting minutes are attached and of course if you ever have any questions please email so we can help!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 10.12.17

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 10.12.17

PR PTA Meeting 09.14.2017 (Summary & Reports)

There was lots to discuss at our 1st PTA meeting of the 2017/2018 school year!  Most importantly, thank you to everyone for making these last couple of weeks a smooth transition for all these kids by offering your time and support to the teachers, the events, and engaging the countless emails and posts.  The PTA Board is hoping to bring a doable schedule of events for all of our PR families, more time consciousness to your schedule, and going paperless so there is less chaos in your “inbox”.  Next month’s meeting is on OCTOBER 12th from 9:00-10:30… Hope to see you all there:)

PTA Meeting Agenda 9.14.17

PTA Meeting Minutes 9.14.17


PR PTA Meeting 4.20.2017 (Summary & Reports)

We are excited to announce that we have filled the PTA Board for the 2017-2018 School Year! We have a great group and are excited for what is to come! But first we must finish off this year with a bang! Our last big event is coming up, PR Red Carpet! We will have our silent auction as well as a family movie event at Emagine! Staff Appreciation Week is also upon us and we are excited to show all of our PR Staff how much we appreciate everything they do for us on a daily basis!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 4.20.17

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 4.20.17

PR PTA Meeting 3.9.2017 (Summary & Reports)

Hard to believe we are already prepping for the PTA Board 2017-2018 School Year! Interest forms are out and we are spreading the word on Social Media! We are very busy prepping for this years Camp PR event and it is sure to be a blast! This will be PR’s first official bonfire! Saline Fire Dept will be joining us as well as YMCA Storer Camps and Saline Boy Scouts!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 3.9.17

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 3.9.17

PR PTA Meeting 2.9.2017 (Summary & Reports)

We are excited for all things Spring! And with nice weather comes fun events! During our February PTA Meeting we were lucky enough to have the Mama J Club come and propose some fundraising ideas for the future, we will be partnering with them on their ideas! We discussed the upcoming Curriculum Nights as well as our upcoming Spring Event which is sure to be a blast!!! Take a look for more details!

Agenda: Coming soon

Minutes: PTA Meeting Notes 2.9.17

PR PTA Meeting 12.8.2016 (Summary & Reports)

During our December PTA Meeting we talked about the exciting upcoming addition of a Young 5s program at PR! We discussed some of the logistics as well as upcoming informational meetings! We reviewed new Bond items for PR and also are excited to announce we are working with the (student led) “Mama J Club” in the future! Take a look at our notes for more information!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 12.8.16

Minutes: PTA Meeting Notes 12.8.16

PR PTA Meeting 11.10.2016 (Summary & Reports)

We covered a lot of “ground” during our November PTA Meeting! Including details on improvements to our play”ground”! We discussed Fundraising at PR and ways to improve next year as well! Some things to keep an eye out for are all of our “Curriculum Nights” coming up! We have Science and Math Night and our Annual Pancake Supper! Take a look at our notes for more information!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 11.10.16

Minutes: PTA Meeting Notes 11.10.16

PR PTA Meeting 10.13.2016 (Summary & Reports)

At our October PTA Meeting we focused on the final week of the Fall Fundraiser, passed several Mini Grants for our teachers, talked about how to better organize and track technology purchases throughout the school and revisited the plan for the improved play ground! Brought to you in part by the Fall Fundraiser!!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 10.13.16

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 10.13.16

PR PTA Meeting 09.15.2016 (Summary & Reports)

Last week we had our first PTA Meeting of the year!! We had a great turn out at this meeting and welcomed lots of new faces! A very special welcome to our new Principal Kevin Musson! We look forward to working with Kevin this year and to continue to make Pleasant Ridge great!

At the meeting we recapped some stats from the 2015-2016 school year and talked about our goals for the 2016-2017 school year! This year we will be focusing on raising money for our PR playground! Our Fall Fundraiser is in full swing and we hope to reach our goal of $25k! We voted on and got our budget for this school year approved as well! See below for the agenda as well as minutes from the meeting!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda 9.15.16

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes 9.15.16

PR PTA Meeting 05.12.2016 (Summary & Reports)

The May PTA meeting was the last one of the school year and there were lots of thank yous, lovely flowers from Jennifer and some tears from the parents whose kids will be leaving Pleasant Ridge next year. It’s been such a fun, rewarding and very productive year! Thank you to all of you who helped us to make it happen.

At the meeting, we reviewed the upcoming events for the rest of the school year, including the Parents Night Out fundraiser and Field Day.  Then we did some pre-planning for next Fall’s events, like the Welcome Home night and the Fall Fundraiser.  Pleasant Ridge will be a construction zone all summer, beginning on the day after school ends, when all the teachers will have to box up their rooms!  Changes will be made all throughout the school, including new carpeting, so all of the rooms will be affected. And the work is not scheduled to end until just before school starts after Labor Day, so it will be a challenge for the staff to get up and running in time, which may affect the timing and planning of the Welcome Home night.  The PTA offered to chip in and help the teachers wherever they can to get them moved in and ready for the school year. More help is always appreciated, so please consider that and look for information about how you can help towards the end of the summer.  

We are all saddened by the news that Mr. Bezeau will be leaving Pleasant Ridge to be the principal at the Middle School, but we’re incredibly grateful to have had him as our children’s enthusiastic, caring and friendly principal for the last 5 years and look forward to seeing him again when our kids are in Middle School.  The search for a new principal is already in full swing. Look for news about a community forum meeting where the top candidates for principal will be on hand to speak and answer your questions. The plan is to have a new principal hired by the beginning of June.

Also at the meeting, the new PTA board was voted on and approved, so transitions will begin to introduce the new board members to their roles and the board will meet over the summer so that when Fall comes, they will be ready to go.  The new board members are:

President: Jennifer StebenSecretary: Megan Brown
Treasurer: Melissa Wild-Speicher
VP Enrichment: Meg PhillipsVP Fundraising: Amy Spooner
VP Volunteers: Lindsay WinklerVP Communications: Amy Good
3rd Grade Representative: Jackie Sweet2nd Grade Representative: Jill Stacy
1st Grade Representative: Cris SupinaKindergarten Representative: Amy Wallen

Thank you to all who have helped make this such a successful and enriching year for our children!  Have a wonderful summer and we hope to see you next Fall when we begin a new year at Pleasant Ridge.

Agenda:  PTA Meeting Agenda 5.12.16

Minutes:  PTA Meeting Minutes – 05.12.16

Enrichment Committee Report

Fundraising Committee Report

Volunteers Committee Report

PR PTA Meeting 04.14.2016 (Summary & Reports)

Greetings from the PTA and happy instant summer! Here’s an update on what happened at the April PR PTA meeting last week:  We heard about how the building improvements are going, about plans for Earth Day, and we voted to buy Chromebook computers for next year’s 2nd grade classrooms. We also discussed the plans for our last fundraising event of the year, Parents Night Out on May 14, which will be a fun bowling night and silent auction. Tickets are on sale now. The cost is $20 per person and includes shoes, 2 games, pizza and entry to the silent auction. Natalie Samp, Sara Troyer, Amy Spooner, Jennifer Steben and others have been working hard to make sure this event is a lot of fun!

And lastly, we heard the results from the nominating committee, who has been working to identify a slate of candidates for next year’s board. A number of board members will be leaving next year, so there will be lots of new faces. All PTA members at next month’s meeting can then vote to elect the slate. Thank you to everyone who applied! The candidates for the 2016-17 school year are:

President: Jennifer Steben, Secretary: Megan Brown, Treasurer: Melissa Wild-Speicher, 

VP Communications: Amy Good,   VP Enrichment: Meg Phillips,   VP Fundraising: Amy Spooner,  VP Volunteers: Lindsay Winkler

3rd Grade Representative: Jackie Sweet,   2nd Grade Representative: Jill Stacy,   1st Grade Representative: Cris Supina,   Kindergarten Representative: Amy Wallen

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, May 12th at 9:00 a.m. in the Teachers’ Lounge. It will be the last meeting of the school year, so please join us if you can!

Agenda:   PTA Meeting Agenda 4.14.16

Minutes:  PTA Meeting Minutes – 4.14.16

Communications Committee Report

Enrichment Committee Report

Volunteers Committee Report

PR PTA Meeting 03.10.2016 (Summary & Reports)

Happy almost Spring from the PTA!  Here’s an update on what happened at the March PR PTA meeting last week: Our guests were Nick and Amy Wallen from Benito’s Pizza. They’re Pleasant Ridge parents and are passionate about helping our school maximize our fundraising dollars. They have lots of good ideas about how to modify the Dough Raising promotion to simplify it and make it more fun and rewarding, so we will definitely be considering these ideas for next Fall.  

We also talked about the nominating process for new board members. Several of the current board members will be leaving their positions at the end of this school year, so we will need new parents to take over. Please think about volunteering if you can!  It’s a great way to get to know other parents and teachers and your kids will love seeing you at school. More information will be coming out this week to explain how to apply to be on the board.  

Other things we talked about included the upcoming Book Fair, Teacher Conference Dinner and the Spring Dance, all of which will take place this week.  And we talked about the possibility of a kids event at “Painting with a Twist” during April, so look for more information on that in the coming weeks. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, April 14th at 9:00 a.m. in the Teachers’ Lounge, so please join us if you can! And think about volunteering to join the board. It’s a fun and very rewarding experience.

Agenda:  PTA Meeting Agenda 3.10.16

Minutes:  PTA Meeting Minutes – 03.10.16

Enrichment Committee Report

Volunteers Committee Report

PR PTA Meeting 02.18.2016 (Summary & Reports)

March is Reading Month was the big topic of discussion at the February PR PTA meeting last week. The theme will be “Reading Builds Character” and lots of things are being planned, including an exciting week with an actual author!  We can’t wait to share more about this with you in the coming days.  We also talked about the upcoming Book Fair during the week of March 14th, and the Spring Dance, which will be on March 18.  We’ve earned lots of “Scholastic Bucks” from our past Book Fairs and our teachers are busy using that money to order more and more books.

Coming up in May, on the 14th, we’ll be hosting a Bowling party and silent auction fundraiser at Maplewood Lanes from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., so be sure to put that on your calendars. That night will be just for parents, so book those babysitters now!  

And Mr. Bezeau gave us an update on the upcoming building and playground changes. More improvements will be made to Pleasant Ridge than to any of the other schools. Quotes are being obtained for the playground work, which will include a new playground just for our special needs and very young children, as well as leveling work, new surfacing for the main playground and seeding of the soccer field. And design work is being completed for the changes to the entrance, vestibule and office as well as the new locations for the Spanish and Art classrooms. These are exciting times at Pleasant Ridge!  Our next meeting will be on Thursday, March 10th at 9 a.m., so please join us if you can!

Agenda:   PTA Meeting Agenda 02.18.16

Minutes:  PTA Meeting Minutes – 02.18.16

Communications Committee Report

Enrichment Committee Report

Fundraising Committee Report

Volunteers Committee Report

PR PTA Meeting 01.14.2016 (Summary & Reports)

The PR PTA had its first meeting of the new year last week and here’s a summary of what we talked about: Most exciting is that “Schools of Rock” is coming up on Jan. 29 and the PTA is giving away a set of 4 tickets! Anyone (besides board members) who is a paid PTA member will be entered into the drawing on next Monday, Jan. 25. Our very own Pleasant Ridge staff are the defending champs, so the teachers are working hard on their performance! If you are not a member yet, you can join online by clicking on “Membership/Join PRPTA” at the top of the screen at Then send your $10 check or cash to school with your child, in an envelope marked “PTA membership”.

Janet Hart, a PR parent, gave a very interesting report from the “class size task force” that presented at the school board meeting last week. They studied class sizes for K-6 classes and found that a realistic request would be to ask for 4 additional teachers next year (across all the elementary schools and Heritage). This would help us get to reasonably smaller classes without costing too much. The Board of Education is reviewing this and they will make the decision. It was an interesting discussion and there were lots of questions.

We also talked about the changes that PR will undergo soon to redesign the entrance to the school. Work may begin as early as April, so it may be a bit messy for the remainder of the year. But in the end, our school will be a much safer place.  There will be more updates on this at each PTA meeting. Other things we talked about included Math night, when we will need lots of parent volunteers(!), and the Spring Book Fair and dance, which will happen during the week of March 14. We’re also beginning plans for “March is Reading Month” and there were suggestions for a Butterfly Garden that the kids could get involved in and maybe additional benches outside, like a “buddy bench” on the playground. Lots of good ideas from the parents who were there!

Our next meeting will be shifted a week and will be on Thursday, February 18th at 9 a.m. Please join us and tell us your ideas for making Pleasant Ridge an even more fantastic place for our kids!

Agenda:   PTA Meeting Agenda 01.14.16

Minutes:  PTA Meeting Minutes – 01.14.16

Enrichment Committee Report

PR PTA Meeting 12.17.2015 (Summary & Reports)

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a fun and restful break. Here’s the news from the December PTA meeting, which was just before the holiday break:  Our guests at the meeting were Cheryl Hoeft and Lisa Dempsey, from the Foundation for Saline Area Schools. They filled us in on all the good things that the Foundation does for our district, including lots of grants to fund interesting projects and products, like Standing Workstations, the Next Gen Gym and Music Together. The Foundation will be having their annual fundraiser/party, called “Snowblast” on Feb. 6 at Travis Pointe and tickets are on sale now. A new Ford F-150 will be raffled off, so purchase a raffle ticket if you’re interested in that!   

Another topic that was discussed at the meeting was the Girls on the Run program for girls in grades 3-6. Registration for that is open through February. Girls will meet twice a week with coaches and learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and about being supportive with each other.  

Then we talked about PTA stuff, most importantly, all the great things that are being purchased with the money that was raised last Fall: new walkie talkies for staff, wobble chairs, another Apple TV, and BOOKS! Lots of them!  We also approved more mini grants for some comfortable seating for Kindergarteners and book carts for 3rd grade classes. We talked about the other fundraisers that were held recently and how those went: Zap Zone – not so great, Pancake supper and book fair – terrific! and Yankee Candles – awesome! Thanks to all who participated in and helped to make these events successful.

Coming up in the new year, look for some of these events to add to your calendar: Family Movie Night on Jan. 15, Math Night on Feb. 11, Art Night on Feb. 16 and the Science Fair on Feb. 25. More details will be sent out about these soon.  Our next meeting will be on Thursday, Jan. 14 at 9:00 a.m. so please join us if you can!

Agenda:  PTA Meeting Agenda – 12.17.15

Minutes:  PTA Meeting Minutes – 12.17.15

Enrichment Committee Report

Fundraising Committee Report

Grade Reps Committee Report

Treasurer Committee Report

Volunteers Committee Report

PR PTA Meeting 11.12.2015 (Summary & Reports)

The PR PTA had a really productive meeting for November last week. First and foremost, we celebrated the passing of the School Bond on Nov. 3rd, which is so incredibly important for our school!  Now, plans can move forward with making all the necessary repairs and enhancements that are so badly needed. Thank you to all who got out and voted for the bond!

Next, our special guest at the meeting was Doug Busch, from Busch’s Fresh Food Markets, who was there to talk about the Cash For Education program and how it will be changing as well as the steps we can take to make the most of it for Pleasant Ridge. He handed out some information that we will pass on to all of our families, so look for that to come home soon. Basically, current cardholders just need to log into their MyWay account online and follow some simple steps and then you won’t need to use the card anymore because your MyWay account will be automatically linked to Pleasant Ridge when you make purchases. The PTA is going to work harder to encourage more families to sign up because we could easily earn lots more money for the school this way! One interesting fact he told us is that Dexter Middle School consistently earns more money than any other school in the area – about $30,000 per year!

The rest of the meeting was devoted mainly to reviewing all the requests that have come in from the staff for things that we can purchase using our Fall Fundraising money – thank you again for supporting our school! There’ve been a lot of requests! We approved several right away, like more books for the classrooms, more of the Wobble Chairs and some additional technology items to enhance the learning experience for our kids. A number of others required a bit more research and we’ll review them again at next month’s meeting.  We also talked about plans for upcoming events, like the Anniversary Party at Gratzi on Nov. 17, the Holiday Parade on Dec. 5 (it’s going to be SO fun this year!) and the Pancake Supper on Dec. 8. And then we also worked on nailing down dates for some of the events in the new year.  

Our next meeting will be a week later than usual, so please mark your calendars and join us on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 9:00 a.m. to hear about everything that’s going on at Pleasant Ridge!

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda – 111215

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes – 111215

Communications Committee Report

Enrichment Committee Report

Fundraising Committee Report

Grade Reps Committee Report

Treasurer Committee Report

Volunteers Committee Report

PR PTA Meeting 10.07.2015 (Summary & Reports)

Last week was the PR PTA meeting for October and there was much to discuss and celebrate. So much has been going on this Fall!  Scot Graden was our special guest at the meeting and he was there to explain the details of the upcoming Bond Proposal, which will be the first bond proposal for the school district since 2000, when funding was approved for the new high school and Harvest Elementary. 15 years later, there are lots of repairs and improvements needed all over the district, including building a new, more secure entrance right here at Pleasant Ridge and at the other elementary schools. Also on the list are improvements to our bus fleet, which is the oldest in the area. The Bond vote will be on November 3 and an informational meeting is planned for Monday, October 19 at 7 p.m. in the Media Center at Liberty School.

We also talked about how the Fall Fundraiser is going and WOW, it’s a HUGE success! As of last Wednesday, we had surpassed our goal of $17,000 and as of today, Oct. 11, we’ve raised over $25,000! Plans were discussed for the 70’s Dance on Oct. 8 and the Awards assembly on Friday, Oct. 16. Parents are welcome to attend the fun water balloon assembly, so come if you can. Plans for other upcoming events and fundraisers were also discussed, like the 25th Anniversary party at Gratzi on Nov. 17, a Zap Zone event you’ll hear more about soon and PR on the Porch, next Friday, Oct. 16. Thank you to all of you that have offered to volunteer for various things.  We’ve received a ton of volunteer forms! There are still open positions for some events so please let one of us know if you’d like to help out. We’re also excited to announce that we’ve added another person to the PTA Board. Kindergarten mom Amy Good will be our new Kindergarten representative. She’ll help support the K room parents and help maintain consistent communication among the classes. We look forward to working with her! And we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting, which will be on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 9 a.m. Thank you to those who were able to come last week!

Agenda:  PTA Meeting Agenda – 100715

Minutes: PTA Meeting Minutes – 100715

Communication Committee Report

Enrichment Committee Report

Fundraising Committee Report

Grade Reps Committee Report

Treasurer Committee Report

Volunteers Committee Report

PR PTA Meeting 09.10.2015 (Summary & Reports)

There was a huge turnout at the first PTA meeting of the year – more than 30 people attended! It was great to see lots of new faces in the group and it was fun to reconnect with old friends, too. A guest speaker was there from Domino’s to explain how they will continue to help us raise money this year through “Dough Nights” and other special events. We also voted on the cost of membership dues and the proposed budget for the year. Don’t forget to renew your PTA membership this Fall!  Dues are $10 per parent and of that, $4.50 comes right back to PR.  You can go to and click on “Membership/Join PRPTA” to sign up online. Lots of plans were discussed for upcoming events, including Welcome Home Night beginning at 5:30 on 9/17 and the big Fall Fundraiser Dance on 10/8 (during the day at your child’s “Specials” time).  PTA board members will be there to help direct people and explain things at the Welcome Home Night – and we’ll be selling our fabulous new t-shirts, too. It’s a great chance to see the school and classrooms and meet your child’s teacher, too. The Fall Fundraiser will be a 70’s Dance, which should be super fun. Look for more information about that to come home with your kids next week. All in all, the meeting was an awesome start to the school year! Thanks to everyone who took the time to come and we hope to see you all at the next meeting, which will be on Wednesday. Oct. 7 at 9:00 a.m.

Agenda: PTA Meeting Agenda – 091015

Minutes:  PTA Meeting Minutes – 091015










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