Current Volunteer Needs

Could you lend a hand?

It’s the beginning of the school year! We’d like to welcome you back to Pleasant Ridge! Thank you for your interest in volunteering,  we’d love your help this year!  Please take a moment to look through our current needs for the year. If you would like to help with any of the listed events leave us your name and contact info below.

You may also contact Amy Good, the Volunteer VP with questions or Chair descriptions directly at

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

We have a lot of great events and ongoing programs that we could use help with. By becoming a Volunteer Chair (don’t let this word scare you) you become the go to person for this specific event. As a volunteer you will have the complete support of the PTA members and other volunteers to assist you with the event’s various tasks. As the Chair, you will be involved in the set up/take down process as well as the lead for specific responsibilities prior to or on the day-of the event. It’s that easy!  And, the children love seeing their parents/guardians involved!  Please let us know where you’d like to help below. We could use multiple volunteers for each event.

Thank you!

Amy Good, VP of Volunteers 


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