Month: May 2015

It’s been a great year ..

PTAThe school year is almost at an end and so is our term as your 2014-15 PTA Board. It has truly been a pleasure representing your voice and creating enriching memories for you and your child(ren) at Pleasant Ridge.  You did a lot this year, including raising almost $50,000 for our school.
 Our incoming president Jennifer Steben, posted a neat blog this week on making your involvement count. Please reach out to  the 201-16 Board as they continue to make every voice count.
For our families returning in fall, please continue to stay involved – your continued engagement is truly an asset. For our families moving on, we will miss you and hope you will carry on the PR Pride.
– Ann, Amy, Shelly,Karyn,  Aramide, Carmen, Amanda, Melissa on behalf of the PTA

The view from Jennifer Steben …


Upper L and Lower R- our first day as a Pleasant Ridge family, Sept. 2, 2014. *Upper R- L to R, the “80s ladies” Ann Friedholm outgoing President, Karyn Bloch outgoing VP Fundraising, Christine Everhart incoming 3rd Grade Rep, Jennifer Steben incoming President, Jacqui Jacobs incoming 2nd Grade Rep, Aramide Boatswain VP Communication * Lower L- Mrs. Waltz & our Kindergarten class PJ party.

A few weeks ago, I told a work colleague that I was going to run for PTA President. His response? You can probably guess.

“Jennifer, are you crazy? What are you thinking?”

With a smile, I broke down the stereotype. We don’t sit around gossiping and baking brownies … We don’t make you work 40 hours…We generate funds for a school that takes excellent care of our children. …We help  455 kids create a lasting memory of their elementary school experience.

I can’t dispute the fact that I first got involved because I was nervous. I had twins starting in Kindergarten and I was probably more concerned than they were about growing up. By volunteering, I knew what was going on and the environment they were in. Then I quickly learned how important it was for them to see me involved. … They knew Pleasant Ridge was important enough to warrant all of our attention, care and time.

Read the rest of Jennifer’s post here …

Pleasant Ridge Field Day is next week …

salinehornet_0Pleasant Ridge Field Day Schedule
Friday, May 29, 2015

KDG & 1st Grade: 9:15-11:15
2nd & 3rd Grade: 12:30-2:30

Thank you to everyone who has already volunteered to participate & lend a hand at our Field Day. We can always use help at stations or general help if you are still interested in volunteering.  We have a ton of businesses coming this year and it’s going to be an awesome experience for our students.

Hope you can join us…  Coach Welton