As the school year winds down, outgoing PTA President Ann Friedholm looks back on the 2014-15 PRPTA year  – the greatest success being the camaraderie and support of volunteers and PR pride. Read why she encourages you to embrace the inevitability of change as we usher in a new board for the 2015-16 year …

friedholm_aprilIMG_1698I have seen positive change happen and know I was a part of it  – Together, with all of our awesome volunteers, we really did make a difference!”

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Find a way to do “Just One Thing”

Amy Telgen, encourages us to find our “thing” and consider giving an hour to support the school’s efforts.  Read about Amy’s journey to finding the right fit to staying involved.
“But by far, the MOST important thing I’ve learned by becoming involved is how great it feels to be contributing something  – and how thrilled my son is to see me helping out.”

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The View from Pleasant Ridge ..

Why I am Who I am.

As VP of Enrichment at Pleasant Ridge, Carmen Woods is responsible for overseeing any events that don’t raise money – in addition to being a CEO, Chauffer, Master Gardener, Iron Chef, Spa Coordinator, Private Tutor…. and enriching our children’s experience here at PR?

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The View from Pleasant Ridge ..

Fulfilling school experiences.

Happy New Year, Pleasant Ridge Friends! It’s hard to believe that we’re already into 2015 and partially through the school year. Where does the time go? Well we all know the answer to that – balancing work, family life, extracurricular activities, or perhaps I should just call it LIFE! Our lives go by so fast. So how do we make sure that every experience we carve out for the kids matter at school? How do I stay involved and remain an active part of that experience?

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1417436152_pencil-01-512Every (financial) bit count$?

Believe it or not, the PTA is the backbone of many Pleasant Ridge activities…We pay for many activities that the school cannot cover by organizing fundraisers and through other community give back programs. I would like to highlight a few fundraisers and also some expenses that you may or may not be aware of … and I encourage you to also become involved and find out what it’s all about. Plus your kids will think you’re really cool.  At least mine does!

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