I can hear you, but I am having a really hard time listening.

This is a constant struggle with my kids .. but I’m also guilty as a parent.  One of the daily struggles I face is getting (and staying) involved with my children’s daily activities and one more piece of paper (or email) from the PTA  destined for the recycle bin.  As a parent I hear a lot, but never took the the time to listen to the messages because I was too busy []

A new blog post .. by Karyn Bloch

Picture1Ah, Fundraising!! The absolute favorite topic of any man, woman and child anywhere!

No – please don’t run away – I am completely aware that fundraising is the one thing most of us have an absolute love/hate relationship with. It’s the one thing we’d love to run very far away from and hope that everything we need to have the best for our kids for all their sports, clubs and school activities will appear, as if by magic. … You see, a lot has gone into fundraising efforts, and in turn really benefited Pleasant Ridge. Since much of this takes place behind the scenes, I, like many parents, did not immediately see the link between fundraising and tangible school improvements.

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