Save the Date | Fall Book Fair

Dates | Online Fair: Nov 25th-Dec. 8th | In School Fair: Nov. 30th-Dec 3rd | eWallet link live: Nov. 9th

Our in-school fair will Monday, November 30th through Thursday, December 3rd. 

• This fair will be a “books only” fair. We will not sell school supplies, kits, or posters this time. All books will be in vertical cases so students can view before choosing. Students can only touch books they are buying. 

• Students will only come to the book fair during their scheduled classroom visit. 

• There is adequate space provided to spread out cases to allow for social distancing when students come with their class to view the fair. There will be two rows of designated spaces to allow students to browse from a distance.

• Students will have the option of online shopping and books can be delivered to their homes. Families shopping from home may find the link to our fair on our homepage – It will not be available until November 25th. When using this link, you must purchase from our page for our school to get the credit – clicking on additional links will unfortunately not give us credit. If there is a shadowed circle with a book, this will let you put that book directly into your cart, if there is a shadowed circle with www. This will take you to another link and from that cart our school will not get any credit. 

• Students may bring cash or check to school. The preferred payment is eWallet because there is no transferring of paper. Our eWallet link can be found on our Fair Homepage and is available for deposits now.


Online Fair: Nov 25th – Dec 8th

In School Fair: Nov 30th – Dec 3rd

eWallet link live: Nov 9th

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