It’s been a great week at PR! Our children are blooming and so is our PR butterfly garden, designed and grown by one of our wonderful parents Amy Tesolin. #sascompass at work!


“I was so excited yesterday to see 7 big Monarch caterpillars feeding on the Whorled Milkweed planted this past spring in our butterfly garden.  These along with all the other native prairie species planted will provide not only nectar for our pollinators but host plants for the caterpillars as well.
This morning I found at least four caterpillars on the Whorled Milkweed and 2 chrysalides attached under the roof over-hang near B2….. the likely to be declared endangered species (June 2019) is literally now finding shelter at Pleasant Ridge.
Thanks for all your support and help with this!” – Amy Tesolin
Thank you to Amy and everyone, helping to bring this project to bloom!


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