Month: October 2017

Let’s raise some FUN!

It’s the final day of our fundraiser. Checks and cash are due to the office today. We’ll still take donations online at until tomorrow to make sure all donations are accounted for!

This fundraiser covers most of the mini grants, field trips, curriculum needs and classroom funding for the school.

Need to know more about where it all goes. Check out the PTA meeting notes.

We appreciate and the children EVERY BIT OF SUPPORT!


Thank you to the members that came out this morning for our 2nd PTA meeting.  We went over a TON of information, including how successful Reading Night, Special Persons/Grandparents Day and PR on the Hill were!  The support and engagement from the families made these events great for the kids!  We are also in the last few days of our Fall Fundraiser so if you haven’t donated or registered your kiddo for the FUN RUN on the 19th yet, we only have until Monday to do so.  The meeting minutes are attached and of course if you ever have any questions please email so we can help!

Next meeting is November 16th 9:00-10:30, hope to see everyone there!

PTA Meeting Minutes 10.12.17