Every Child. One Voice.

PleasantRidge_PTATshirts_ProofHello Parents,
Janet Hart (2nd grade mum) will be speaking about class size (from a Pleasant Ridge point of view) at the May 12 School Board meeting.
Here are the details:
Saline School Board Meeting
Tuesday, May 12
6:30 p.m. (We are first on the agenda, following introductions.)
Liberty School Media Center
Please plan to attend this meeting wearing Saline blue and gold!  The more people we have attend in support, the more success we will have! Please also forward this message, talk to friends, use social media, etc. to get the word out!   Anything you can do is so helpful!
Thank you so much for your support.   Again, if anyone has anecdotes, examples, etc. that she could use in the presentation (anonymously if you prefer) please feel free to send an e-mail to janetmhart@gmail.com

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