Don’t forget Holiday wishes … for our teachers!


Don’t forget to check out the wishes on the wall around the school. The Wish wall offers suggestions for those families who would like to both give a holiday gift to their teachers and also support the classroom. We have asked the grade-level, specials, ECSE, and preschool teachers, as well as the Literary Specialist, to identify items that would be helpful in their classrooms.

The Wish Wall items include the routine items (like tissues and scotch tape) to more substantial supports (like an electric pencil sharpener and books) and special treats (like stickers and decorated duck tape).

The Wish Wall holds snowflakes with each teacher’s name and a wished-for item. If you see an item you would like to purchase, just remove the snowflake with that item from the Wish Wall!

Please feel free to contact Christine Gerdes (second grade mom) at with any questions. Thanks and enjoy the holiday season!

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