10377901_sAnd what a fine day it is!! Can you believe it? At this time, we are past our goal with more than $16,000  in total funds raised!!
What does this mean?????
  • Heads will be shaved!!  Get ready Coach Welton, Sr. Adato, Mr. Tracey and Mr. Fisher!!!
  • The class with the most funds raised will be getting a recess pack and Mr. Bezeau will be taking over your class for 1/2 a day!
  • Classrooms that meet their goals :  get ready to spend your $100 in Scholastic Dollars and celebrate with a class PJ Day
  • A lot  students will be participating throwing or smashing pies!

Today is the last day to submit any donations. I will post the final update Wednesday morning of all these totals.

It’s going to be one fun Spirit Thursday!!! 

Like this is SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Thank you,

Karyn Bloch, on behalf of your PTA Fundraising Team

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